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This is an original piece depicting Sir Bedivere (Bedwyr / Bédoier) contemplating giving Excalibur back to the water as per Arthur's dying wish, having been dealt a mortal would by Mordred (Medraut).

This piece shows the second attempt and the doubt of Bedivere as he is halted by his pride in the achievements of Arthur and his fellow knights. He considers Excalibur a testament, a living record of proof that future men may gaze upon and know their deeds; "What record, or what relic of my lord should be to aftertime, but empty breath and rumours of a doubt? But were this kept, stored in some treasure-house of mighty kings, some one might show it at a joust of arms, saying, 'King Arthur's sword, Excalibur."

Bevivere returns to Arthur to lie for a second time telling him that he has thrown the sword into the water at which Arthur, now close to death and knowing Bedivere is lying, says "Authority forgets a dying king.


I wanted to convey a sense contemplation in this piece, showing Bedivere deep in thought of the memories he feared that would be lost along with the sword. The quotes are from The Passing of Arthur by Alfred Lord Tennyson 1896. The poem deals with themes of faith and doubt and the conflict within Bedivere of him wanting to fulfil his knightly duty and oath to his king while lamenting all that has been lost. At this point he is the last remaining knight of the round table who still hold fealty to Arthur.

The piece was drawn entirely, from concept to final, with a stylus on a Wacom Cintiq. I used a wide variety of commercial brush sets including pencil, watercolour and oil and I am very happy with the result.


The final portrait is 20,000px x 14,145px which makes it over 282 megapixels in size. With a pixel density this high the reproduction is exceptionally fine, especially considering the world leading quality of pigment ink and paper used in the printing process.


All prints are giclée printed using genuine Lucia Pro pigment inks (archival ratings of up to 200 years) to a selection of Hahnemühle, Photospeed and Canson papers and can be supplied either print only or mounted and bespoke framed. Please note the mounts and frames will increase the overall size of the final framed portrait as the sizes below are for the print only.


All frames are ethically sourced solid wood and are fully sealed both at the rear of the frame and between the back mount and the glass to keep your portrait dust free.

Authority Forgets a Dying King

  • Gallery portraits represent the finest in quality, from giclee printing using genuine Canon Lucia Pro pigment inks offering archival ratings of up to 200 years to the hand selected range of fine art papers from industry leading suppliers. Gallery prints can be supplied unframed or bespoke framed in a range of popular contemporary wood mouldings with window mount boards and paned with a choice of standard glass or Groglass® Reflection Free Artglass.

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