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If you would like to commission your own portrait it is a very simple process. All you need to do is email me a few of your favourite, great quality photos of your pet and I will get back to you with a proof so you can decide if you like your portrait. If you do we can arrange delivery, either digitally or as a print; if you don't then no problem, there is no obligation to purchase unless you love it!​​​​​​​

You will notice from my gallery that I draw in three destinct styles using different brush sets; watercolour, oil and mixed media (see examples below). If you have a preference for your portrait let me know when ordering, if you don't specify I will draw using watercolour brushes. Please note portraits drawn with mixed media brushes carry a surcharge to cover the extra time involved, see details here.

My portraits are painted on a Wacom Cintiq using vectored real watercolour or oil strokes as the brush set. 





In order to create a beautiful digital portrait I need a good quality photograph to work from, I blow them up huge and then zoom right in to brush the fine detail. Photos taken with a modern smartphone are absolutely fine as far as resolution is concerned but also consider the composition; we are going for:

  • Good resolution; modern smartphone quality is fine

  • In sharp focus; no blurring with nice clear edges

  • In good lighting; no direct light source behind the subject

  • Pet in shot; no cropping of head, ears or shoulders off the sides of the photo

Juno - good example
Juno - bad example






If you are in doubt about the suitability of your photos email them to me and I will let you know if they are suitable. It is often helpful to send me a few photos to choose from so I can select the one that will give the best results, also I can sometimes composite the best part of different photos together.





I can create a composite making one digital portrait of multiple pets from separate photographs, this is a wonderful way of having past loves and current pets in the same space and time. There is a £10 (approx. $13 / €12) surcharge per additional pet for this to cover the extra work involved (e.g. a composite of 3 dogs would have a £20 surcharge).

There are certain conditions that your photographs must meet in order to 'sell' the composite so it doesn't look like a collage of pets that obviously don't exist in the same space, these are:

  • Each photo must be exceptional quality

  • Consistency of composition; each pet must be shot from the same angle and the same distance

  • Pet in shot; no cropping at all off the sides of the photo for each pet

Again, if you are unsure about the suitability of your photos just send them anyway and I will let you know if they will make a convincing composite.





The lead time from order to proof depends greatly on the time of year and my workload. If you are considering commissioning a digital portrait for a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary then please contact me with your deadline and I will try to accommodate where possible. I will keep the turnaround below as accurate as possible, however, it is just a guide.



1 - 2 weeks

2 - 3 weeks




Upload your photo

Thanks for your commission, I'll be back to you soon.

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