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Last week I saw a post on Instagram by BAFTA award winning hair and make-up artist Morag Ross. She had found her first business card in an old portfolio with artwork by her late friend David Band who was an album cover artist for bands like Aztec Camera, Altered Images and Spandau Ballet. The business card was weather damaged and discoloured so I reached out to Morag via her agency and offered to recreate the business card for her which she graciously accepted.

Obviously, this is not a flex on any creative level as the talent was already applied, just an anecdote about doing something nice for somebody I respect.

The recreation involved per-character kerning. I overlaid guides on the original, taking into account the flex on the photo and set the text on the guidelines. The artwork was reproduced by tracing over the original using a stylus.

I had the recreation ...err ...recreated with high precision laser engraving on black powder coater aluminium. The card also has an NFC chip that opens Morag's agency website when the card is held to a smartphone, very cool!

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