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sephiroth art

This piece is a reimagining the classic protagonist Sephiroth, war-hero and Shinra SOLDIER turned embittered and apocalyptical agent of destruction in the classic video game Final Fantasy VII. It is named after the characters signature musical track One Winged Angel by Nobuo Uematsu. This depiction shows him after his acceptance of his JENOVA cell infusion and the iconic single black angel wing that symbolises his ascent to godhood. This ascension also led me to a more ethereal feel for the overall piece with the dreamlike cloudscape for the background and the fading of his overcoat and lower quarter. I had originally envisioned this with Sephiroth hanging in the air in flight but felt a bit superheroish so I scrapped it for a more vague dissolution below the waist. This was conceptualised in MidJourney then drawn with a stylus on a Cintiq. It is absolutely huge and will reproduce at very high quality up to A1 (23.4" x 33.1" / 594mm x 841mm). Prints available in the link below. I hope you like it, thank you for reading.

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