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artwork of a fishing boat at sunrise

This piece of a fishing boat at sunrise is not a commissioned, I drew this for myself. It was drawn on a Wacom Cintiq using a stylus and some wonderfully soft digital watercolour brushes.

I wanted to try an recreate a vague memory I have or taking my dad and brother to a fishing spot about 30 years ago. I didn't fish myself but I drove them there very early in the morning and I remember wisps of mist on the water caught in the light of the sunrise.

I didn't original intend the piece to be so melancholy, it just went that way all on its own.

The final piece is designed for print at A3 (11.7" x 16.5" / 297mm x 420mm) at 1200dpi which will make it extremely fine quality.

I hope you like it.

If you're interested in a print get in touch.

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02 лип. 2023 р.
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Dan Read
Dan Read
02 лип. 2023 р.
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Thank you, I'm pleased you like it.

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