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East Riding 1695 restored

This is a restored map of the East Riding of Yorkshire originally produced by Robert Morden in c.1695 and published in Camden's Britannia, described at the time by Bishop Gibson as "much the fairest and most correct of any that have yet appeared" ...high praise from Gibbo then, whoever he was.

The map was a single low quality, seamless scan of a physical document so the paper wear had to be digitally dressed out and the missing information (gaps in the map) recreated from existing detail. Also, because this is a restoration of a hand-drawn map the original pencil lines were removed along with false starts and unfinished lettering. Corrected errors like letter inserts, however, have been left in.

The finished East Riding map 1695 was digitally enhanced to give the best possible clarity and the background replaced with an ultra high-resolution paper texture with a subtle vignette to give the map the appearance of a slightly aged physical document.

The map is designed to be printed at size A1 (841mm x 594mm / 33.1" x 23.4") and the project took around 12 hours to complete.

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